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Wargames Factory

There was a bit of an issue this morning when the comments section for the latest Wargames Factory post was used to post comments about the legal status of the current plastic Greek Hoplite figures. The first two comments were posted by Tony Reidy and Howard Whitehouse both ex-employees of Wargames Factory. I've reposted them here.

Tony Reidy:
FYI – Wargames Factory never paid Tim Barry for the right to sell these. Buying these is like buying a recast figure. They quote-unquote negotiated with Tim until they got the Freeform device in their lawyer’s hands – and then they stopped talking to him. He owns the copyrights on this sculpture and he’s being screwed over. Hopefully no retailer or distributor will be carrying these.

Thanks, Tony

Howard Whitehouse:
I’ll back Tony up on this one. Tim sent a series of files to China during the last months of 2010 (Amazons, Persians, Greeks, skeletons) and was promptly fired without notice – as I was, it should be said.

Tim hasn’t been paid a penny for his work and – since it seems that the controlling partner of WGF has quietly dissolved its US corporation and formed one in Hong Kong without informing several of the other owners in the company – it seems unlikely WGF ever intends to. It’s hard to get money from a company an ocean away if the debtor won’t play honest.

I know Tim well. He’s a family man with two small kids and a wife with health issues. Since he isn’t being paid for his efforts, I urge all potential customers simply to keep their hands in their pockets, or buy somewhere else. It’s an issue of integrity.

I have no reason to disbelieve either of them but the comments section of this site, or any other, is not the proper place to be making these sorts of allegations and I most certainly don't want the comments section to devolve into a place where the discussion isn't driven by and about the products in question.

Now, it can be said that these comments are related to the product but they are not directly related to the announcement. I am attempting to try to keep the site an open place for people to post and read news and situations like this are a difficult path to tread. Without a legal decision to back up anyone's case there is nothing that will settle this sort of discussion and they can quickly lead to acrimonious and divisive debate. The type of debate that I am trying to avoid.

So what do people think is a solution for this sort of issue? Should posts by Wargames Factory have comments disabled as we had to for Confrontation topics for some time?