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Wargames Emporium have purchased the Command Horizon range

Wargames Emporium purchased the Command Horizon range and will now be in charge of production for that line of miniatures.


From the announcement:

Wargames Emporium is delighted to announce we have purchased the Command Horizon range from Baccus6mm. Command Horizon is a 6mm Sci-Fi range with a set of quick playing rules currently in development. The range will be marketed under the EMP Games banner, which is the new production and game development arm of Wargames Emporium.
We are not quite where we wanted to be when we announced this but we thought an announcement was overdue.

Our first job is to get up to speed on the range and repackage the models. The current Command Horizon packs are now available from our online store and we’ll be adding the repackaged sets as they are completed.
I know people have been asking, and yes, we are looking at bringing out the new races which Baccus had already been working on. We also have one or two ideas of own that will be added as well. Furthermore we have plans to bring out a ruleset which we hope will be well received by old and new players alike.
We have been in discussions with Baccus for some time and will continue to bend his ear for helpful ideas, thoughts and other musings.

Pete Berry from Baccus says both Igor and myself are delighted that the Wargames Emporium team are taking over the Command Horizon ranges. They are just the people to give the project the time and the energy that it needs in order to develop and expand the work that we started. I know that John, Dave and Eric have a lot of ideas of how they see the CH universe developing and we will be watching their progress with great interest and not a certain degree of envy!