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Wargames Bakery updates stretch goals in Basing Pads Kickstarter campaign

Wargames Bakery is in their last week over on Kickstarter. They've made more than 6x their goal, so they've updated what stretch goals have been passed and which are still to go in a little graphic.
And yes, I still think they look like cookies.


From the update:

17 pads unlocked 6 more announced plus a bonus at £12,000.

Kickstarter Basius - The Basing Pad Range - by Wargames Bakery

This Kickstarter's objective is to enable the creation of an amazing collection of 7 inch diameter (that's 18cm!!) circular textured Basing Pads - designed to allow gamers of every modelling skill level to easily create professionally sculpted bases that are exactly tailored to meet their individual specific gaming & display needs, using any size, shape and brand of plastic base that they wish.

Our Basing Pads have outstanding negative (sunken) detailing - Press any plain plastic miniature base that's covered with fresh putty into the Basing Pad to produce fantastic positive (normal looking) detailing on it.