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From their website:

We are happy to announce the release of a new set from our growing range of 15mm Eastern-European renaissance range of miniatues "By Fire and Sword".

We present the Deli ("the mad ones") figures for the Ottoman Empire army. As always we took care to present all details according to historical facts. The new figures represent an elite light clad in hides of wild animals and bird feathers attached to their hats. This formation was stationed mainly near the borders with Christian countries.

They gained their unique renown by their insane charges against often numerically superior enemy. They ingested large amounts of drugs and self-mutilated themselves before battles thus spreading terror among their enemies.

The set includes 18 mounted miniatures:

2 x leaders
2 x standard bearers
14 x deli cavalrymen
18 x horses
Banners, lances, deli wings and shields
6 x metal stands of 3x4 cm size.

Soon we plan to release our first Russian sets so stay tuned!