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Wargame Vault Announces a New Game Publisher Available

Wargame Vault are very pleased to announce that they have signed on a new publisher, Don Perrin. They have teamed up with Don to scan and make available all of the classic issues of both MWAN and The Courier:

From their website:

For those who may not recognize these publications, they were the standard for wargaming news and information in America for decades. The "old-timers" will remember that each issue always contained complete rule sets for every period of warfare imaginable, great modeling and painting tips, wargame scenarios, TO&E's, historical reference sources and much more.
We've got about 50 issues scanned and ready to download now, but we will eventually have every issue of both publications available just as soon as we can get them scanned and uploaded! We've also added OCR text recognition so your machine can even read them out loud for you!