Wargame Shop release free Hoke’s Run boardgame

Wargame Shop have released a free boardgame based on a hypothetical battle of Hoke’s Run.

Hoke's Run

From their announcement:

Wargame Shop are proud to announce the release of Hoke’s Run the prelude to First Mannassas (Bull Run) in its American Civil War in 3D series of board games. The PDF download is free via the Wargame Shop Website. Hoke’s Run is a battle that never was, but could have easily have been. Thomas J. Jackson soon to be Stonewall Jackson had encountered the Union the previous day at Falling Waters and had retired in good order.

The CSA General Johnston had brought the remaining brigades of his corp to give battle the following day. But the Union General Patterson didn’t in history follow-up the Confederates and allowed them to escape. Hoke’s Run is the battle that was set to open the American Civil War can you has the Confederates destroy the Union army and still get to Bull Run on time for the Battle of First Manassas?

First Manassas, Wilson’s Creek and Fort Donelson are the follow on battles that are available with many more soon to follow including Pea Ridge, Shiloh, Jackson’s Valley Campaign and the Seven Days Campaign.