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Wargame Holidays 2012 Season announced

Wargame Holidays have posted details of their 2012 Season. WWII Normandy in 20mm From their announcement:
After a hugely successful 6 week launch season which saw guests from Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Belgium, Great Britain and the United States, we’re pleased to announce our new schedule for 2012. But don’t take our word for how great the experience is: Virginia, USA wargamer and author Tom Garnett brought his wife and granddaughter to Wargame Holidays on Crete: "Mary, Isabella and I had a most wonderful time because of your generosity and graciousness. A wonderful gaming and vacation experience. Jon and Diane were perfect hosts - informative, entertaining, and enterprising, arranging for auto rentals, tours and a multitude of helpful hints. The gaming experience was superb - beautiful terrain, with many small visual features ("eye candy") that enhanced the gaming experience. With thousands of figures in the two periods we played, everyone had more than enough to command." Thanks to Tom and his family for making such a commitment in terms of travel to join us.
We think what we are offering is truly unique. Combine a vast table, with hand-made terrain and thousands of figures with a perfect location, and then add great weather, food and drink. Mix in wonderful company and an infinity pool. No other wargame holiday centre can offer anything like that! So, the dates for the new season are:
  • June 19-26 (limited availability, will feature our new Pirates games)
  • June 26-July 3
  • July 3-10
  • July 10-17
  • July 17-24
  • July 24-31
  • July 31-August 7
  • August 7-14
  • August 14-21
  • August 21-28
Each of them are Tuesday - Tuesday. Rather than specify the games at this stage, each week is a FREE CHOICE week, early booker get the first choice of games for their preferred week. We've added to the range of games to now include: Crete 1941(bigger than last time with more paratroopers, aircraft and gliders) in 20mm – hugely popular in our first season Normandy (if time permits, we are thinking about offering an Arnhem variant) in 20mm – battles around Caen and Falaise Indian Mutiny - in 28mm, our classic, colourful and exotic offering American Civil War – in 28mm with over 4,000 figures (Gettysburg or Chancellorsville). Has to be seen to be believed! New periods: Pirates – we’re transforming the whole table into a seascape with ports and islands, cannibals, sea monsters, evil governors and so on in 28mm with lots of ships. Lawrence of Arabia - British and Arab allies v the Ottomans in 20mm - big sweeping campaign, try the Great War with a difference French and Indian Wars – featuring our new riverscape, heavily wooded table, hundreds of Indians, fearful settlers, rangers and regulars Zulu War - absolutely vast 15mm game with several thousand Zulus We've also decided to limit the number of players to 6 per week (flexible though if one or two more want to come). Our prices remain the same as last year, only 200 Euros per player for four days full gaming. Apartment prices on website. Don’t forget, we pick you up from Heraklion Airport and drop you off saving you 70 Euros in taxi fares! We can also organize car hire and excursions, so please ask. All of this is brought to you by authors and games designers Jon and Diane Sutherland. Diane is also the author of the regular terrain making feature in Battlegames Magazine. Please see our website for more feedback and reviews as well as the latest developments as we gear up to our second season.