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Warforged: First Contact Board Game Up On Kickstarter

Warforged: First Contact is a new sci-fi miniatures board game that's up on Kickstarter now. In it, the human players are looking to infiltrate (well, "blast their way into" more appropriately) into an enemy alien stronghold. Of course, the further in they go, the tougher the aliens they'll face are. Will they be able to complete their objectives, or will the aliens be able to hold their own and repel the invaders? Only your tactics (and the rolls of the dice) will be able to tell.

From the campaign:

Warforged: First Contact is a classic tabletop “man versus aliens” miniatures board game for two or more players inspired by the classics of yore such as Space Crusade and the much beloved Space Hulk, as well as influenced by more B movies (and AAA movies) than we’d like to confess to having seen. The plot: an elite group of warriors attempts to fight their way into the stronghold of a previously unknown enemy – an enemy that proves ever more threatening the further they go.

Warforged: First Contact is a skirmish-level exploration game where the Iron Legionaries of the Terran Authority investigate a dimension-spanning shrine-portal of the alien Mantra. The Iron Legion will need to use tight coordination and clever tactics to overcome the limitless hordes of the Mantra and battle their way to the heart of the shrine-portal.

2+ Players using Iron Legion versus the Mantra (additional players take command of separate Iron Legion squads; the Mantra player acts as "dungeon master").
20-60 minutes play time depending on the scenario.
Unique and accessible command card activation system.
A wide selection of friends and enemies to use from lowly expendables to mighty heroes.
Traps, alien conditions and reinforcements shift the odds through a game. Victory is rarely assured and games remain exciting to the last throw of the dice.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. They're really close to their goal (or possibly over it, by the time you see this), with still 13 days left to go.