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"Warfare in the Age of Madness" Expansion Available Now

A Clear and Present Madness is the first expansion for Warfare in the Age of Madness. The expansion adds a bit of everything to the party, including more battlefield obstacles, more gear, more units, and more actions. The set also changes the force creation charts a bit in order to give you more options. The set also has rules for creating such things as Bradley companies and such, if you're so interested.
Now, for the fun part. Not only is the expansion free, but they're having a special sale on the original book as well.


From the announcement:

"A Clear and Present Madness" is a FREE expansion for "Warfare in the Age of Madness" and focuses on late 20th and early 21st Century conventional and asymmetric warfare. The expansion adds new elements, new battlefield threats, new traits, new actions, new gear, and new game play.

"A Clear and Present Madness" also introduces an expanded and more flexible force creation system that includes three levels of play from platoon to reinforced company and force specialization

Also included are samples of real-world forces modeled in "Age of Madness" terms, including Stryker companies, a Bradley company, an OPFOR company, and examples of insurgent forces.

To celebrate the launch of "A Clear and Present Madness" both the PDF and Print versions of "Warfare in the Age of Madness" are 25% off through January 5th!