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War Without End Weird WWII supplement now shipping

War Without EndTwo Hour Wargames have begun shipping their War Without End Weird WWII supplement for the NUTS! rule system. From their announcement:
War Without End now available as a PDF and printed copy. WWE, what is it? Weird War 2 - Start with the inherent weirdness of World War II, add the public fascination with the new science being unleashed around them, and top off with the popular pulps and comic books of the day - and you have set the stage for Weird War II. Welcome to the Weird War, a no-holds-barred clash of chaos in which Combat Walkers stride the battlefields, Yankee Rocketmen blaze through the skies, and rayguns reduce tanks to glowing scrap metal. Here's what's included:
  • Some actual technology history
  • Fantastic technologies
  • Weird Science unit and vehicle lists
  • Special or expanded rules
  • General rules on creating your own Weird Science campaigns
  • Sample scenarios that may be fought head-to-head with players taking opposing sides, cooperatively against the game or solo as either side
PDF $20 USD Printed Copy* $25 USD plus shipping * Includes a PDF copy as well NUTS! War Without End (WWE) is a supplement for the game NUTS! 2.0 by Two Hour Wargames. A copy of that ruleset, as well as gaming implements and miniatures, is required to play.