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War Unleashed terrain maps available for download

The first terrain maps for the War Unleashed expansion to the War for Edath fantasy card game are now available for download. WarUnleashedBackCover.jpg From their announcement:
With War Unleashed – the companion expansion book to War for Edath – now only 2 weeks away, the first Terrain Maps – aka battlefields – are now available for download direct from WarriorElite’s website. The first Terrain Maps concentrate on hills and grass but with just these 2 terrain types, a multitude of interesting and strategically challenging battlefields can be created. Woods, undergrowth, marsh, mire, rivers, pools, ruins and more terrain types will be appearing in the very near future. All Terrain Maps are free to download and use, and allow for unlimited variety in the battlefields used in War Unleashed. A battle report of a demonstration game can also be read which highlights the tactics, strategies and gameplay that War Unleashed gives to the War for Edath battle game – see WarriorElite’s homepage for the link to this battle report. Although dice can be used to represent the fighting units on the Terrain Maps, in the very near future WarriorElite Ltd will be announcing details of official ‘unit counters’ which represent unit and individual troop types. Plus how to customise the Terrain Maps.