War Unleashed now available

WarriorElite have released the War Unleashed expansion for their War for Edath fantasy card game.

From their announcement:

War Unleashed is now available and will be hitting stores any day– MSRP £13.99.

War Unleashed introduces large battlefields to the War for Edath game. These battlefields can be downloaded for free from an expanding library on WarriorElite’s website. To begin with basic terrain – grass, woods, hills and marsh – will be available but gamers can look forward to subterranean, aerial, urban and other environments.

War Unleashed is also being supported with a range of card miniatures – figatures. Again, these are free to download direct from WarriorElite’s website, are easy to assemble and look great on the battlefields. The library of figatures will be added to regularly and will grow to not only include troops but terrain such as woods, buildings, ruins, and more as well.

Included in the book are rules for playing on the battlefields, rules for running a campaign within a region of the fantasy world of Edath and expanded rules for the use of champions and leaders.

Finally, War Unleashed contains details on the world of Edath itself – its warring factions, history, supernatural, magic and more.

144 fully illustrated pages plus 8 colour plates. To play the War Unleashed rules, gamers just require a copy of the base set – War for Edath (aka. War for Edadh).

Game co-creator – Nigel Pyne – described the release, “War for Edath was designed as a battle game. It just happened to use cards. Whereas the battlefield in War for Edath was a bit abstract – being a single card – War Unleashed provides gameplay over battlefields gamers are more familiar with and where tactical deployment and movement of troops is key.”