War Torn Worlds release Rubber Wall Sets

By tgn_admin
In Terrain
Jun 4th, 2010

War Torn Worlds have released the first products in their new range of Rubber Wall Sets.

Rubber Wall Sets

From their website:

Each Pack has 3 walls and comes fully finished. They are made from recycled tire rubber. All Sets Are USD $9.99

  • WTW-05000 Rubber Brick Walls (Granite)
  • WTW-05001 Rubber Brick Walls (Sandstone)
  • WTW-05002 Rubber Fieldstone Walls (Granite)
  • WTW-05003 Rubber Fieldstone Walls (Brownstone)
  • WTW-05004 Rubber Fieldstone Walls Misc. (Granite)
  • WTW-05005 Rubber Fieldstone Walls Misc. (Brownstone)
  • WTW-05006 Rubber Gravestone Walls