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War Stories: Faith vs. Faithlessness Now Available for Contagion Second Edition

Aegis Studios has released another of their War Stories supplements for Contagion Second Edition. This one, Faith vs. Faithlessness, explores a new aspect of the Contagion setting: how your faith can be an actual source of energy. Your beliefs can be used to bring you power or, if you run into the wrong person/demon, can be drained from you to fuel their own nefarious ends. That's just what's happening in this book.

The 17 page supplement gives you information on two new feats and a couple of adventure seeds. There's three NPCs in the book, each with full stats as well as biographical information. As with other products, Aegis Studios has created a short video to help the GM as a story aid.

You can pick up your copy of Faith vs. Faithlessness now.