War Rocket Demos at RIW Hobbies in Livonia, Michigan

Hydra Miniatures will be doing demos of their War Rocket Pulp/Sci-fi space combat game.

War Rocket battle

From their website:

This Saturday, October 16th, the staff of Hydra Miniatures will descend upon RIW Hobbies in Livonia to run games of their successful pulp sci-fi space combat game War Rocket. Game designer John Douma and miniature designer Matt Beauchamp will be running two back-to-back sessions of War Rocket from Noon to 3:00pm and 3:00 to 6:00 pm.

Players will receive free War Rocket miniatures and will be entered into a raffle for a War Rocket door prize. In addition, players will receive 20% off on all Hydra Miniatures products at RIW this Saturday.

Finally, Matt and John will be discussing future expansions for War Rocket and sharing preview prints for the long awaited Imperial class 3 and class 4. Come experience War Rocket at RIW Hobbies in Livonia, Michigan on Saturday, October 16th.

RIW Hobbies
29116 Five Mile Rd.
Livonia, MI 48154
(734) 261-7233