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War Mage Diary Has Been Unleashed For the WitchBorn

Hocus pocus! Abracadabra! ... Abracapocus! Hocus cadabra! Newport News! Walla-Walla Washington!
However you choose to cast your spells, be it magic words and phrases (like Bugs and I choose), or some other method, they can be a rather powerful addition to your repertoire. And in a dangerous world like the one in the WitchBorn, having someone who has mastery over the magical arts could be the difference between life and death in those unforgiving wildernesses. The War Mage Diary gives you new spellcasting rules and magic items with which to enhance your games.

There's all sorts of spells inside the War Mage Diary. You can learn battle magic, as well as various spells with which to bring health back to your warriors. Considering that when people die in the setting, they're often turned into WitchBorn, keeping those around you alive is a pretty good idea.

The fellows over at The WitchBorn also will be attending Gen Con. They have several events that they'll be doing (some of which are already sold out). Players that participate in the events will get a $10 credit for purchases of items for the game.