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War Machine: High Command - The Big Guns Expansion Review posted on Play Board Games

Privateer Press gets their Big Guns expansion for High Command reviewed by the experts over at Play Board Games.
Note: I have a question for you readers. Having played High Command and seeing how expansions come out, I am of the impression that it more fits into the game form of "living card game" as opposed to "deck builder." The main reason being, if I had High Command and the expansion, I can create my deck ahead of time, bring it over to my friend's house, and play with his High Command set. I can create my deck ahead of time to play, picking and choosing from the expansions what I want to have in there.
Now, we don't cover LCGs here on TGN. So what say ye? Should I continue to cover High Command?


From the review:

The Big Guns is the first expansion for War Machine: High Command. It adds new war casters and units to the base game.