War Machine: High Command – Into the Breach Expansion Review posted on Play Board Games

By Polar_Bear
In Card Games
Mar 11th, 2014

Privateer Press gets their Into the Breach expansion for High Command reviewed by the experts over at Play Board Games.
I still think it’s an LCG and not really a deck-builder, but that’s me.


From the review:

Into the Breach is the second expansion for War Machine: High Command. Like the first expansion it adds more war casters and units to the series.

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  • grimbergen

    this is a pathetic excuse of a review, doesn’t even sound like they played it. the review is basically just says this adds more units and customizations to the game… wow, really I couldn’t figure that out by just reading the description of the product?

    in looking at the rest of this site it’s quite suspicious. no pictures of actual products, just stock photos. reviews are 70-80% descriptions of the product and/or summaries of the rules with a very generalized “analysis” at the end.

  • grimbergen

    Also, responding to Polar Bear’s comment about LCG vs Deckbuilder… I don’t understand why people make that distinction. They’re separate categorizations and should be combinable — deckbuilding is a mechanic and LCGs are a sales/product packaging/release, but is only used by FFG officially.