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War in Tokyo: The Hunting Pack RPG Beta is released

Antics posted up their beta rules for the War in Tokyo: The Hunting Pack RPG they've been working on. Go check out this alternative-history RPG and see if you can finally end WWII.

War in Tokyo


From the release:

It has been a long wait, but the free BETA for the War in Tokyo RPG game has been released.
Based in fallout Tokyo; WWII continued in the Pacific until only a few remnants of the enemy Japanese government and army remained in Tokyo left to fight against their Western invaders. Allied forces now use squads of elite troops (Hunting Packs) to find the Japanese resistance in the ruins of Tokyo and finally bring an end to the war.

Also released is the fiction that accompanies the War in Tokyo setting, named War in Tokyo: Diaries of a Volunteer.
This short story follows Private Chris Hunt and his squad into Tokyo from the moment they land to when their fourteen day tour is up.