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Waning Gibbous Games posts up another Larceny game variant

Waning Gibbous Games (still love that name) has posted up another gameplay variant for Larceny over on their Kickstarter campaign.
They've made it to 60% of their goal. I played a bunch of this at DragonCon (and before that, even, did a review. You'd make me happy if you checked it out.


From the update:

We had a productive weekend and shot some great video! We're ready to announce a brand new gameplay variant:
Black Bag Job

In spy and thief circles, the "black bag" is a catch-all term for the toolkit a thief might take into a job. We've taken the concept of planning for your heist and incorporated it into Larceny.

In the Black Bag mode, the Chief outlines a heist as usual with one Score and two Catches. The Crew then draws 10 cards and discards down to 7, building their toolkit for the heist. The Crew then plans out a heist using 2-5 cards, similar to the Best Laid Plan variant. Their goal is to convince the Chief that their plan is the best.