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Wamp Select Series Paintbrushes

Wamp is running a Kickstarter campaign for some new set of miniature painting brushes. We all know how important painting is to the miniatures community, and Wamp is well-known for their regular painting competitions. As such, they wanted to make accessible a set of brushes that they thought would be the best possible. The campaign's more than 10x funded already, and is set to run for another 12 days.

From the campaign:

So we have created the Select Range. A set of high quality brushes that use the finest materials. Each brush designed for a specific task and labelled for quick and easy identification. No more wondering what size for what job! This makes it easy for beginners to utilise the range. Afterall a good brush is a great way to improve your painting. Likewise expert painters will appreciate the Pure Kolinsky Sable used for the bristles, the best material you can buy.

Our brushes are designed to cover a whole host of tasks with brushes for blending, freehand, lining and more.

These brushes are hand-made especially for us in the UK by a world renowned brush making company. When we looked for a manufacturer to help produce these we were determined to use the best not the cheapest.

What we wanted to do was create a simple concise range of paintbrushes that a beginner could pick up and use without confusion over sizes and what's best for what job. But alongside that, we also wanted these brushes to be the best quality you can get. A good brush is as helpful to a novice as to an expert painter.

Each brush has been specifically tailored towards a certain technique but they are also adapatable enough to be used how you want. Just because we call something a vehicle brush doesn't mean you can't use it for something else if that's what suits your painting style. We each have different desires in terms of what brushes we use but we hope we have created a range that is broad enough for all tastes.

The range comprises of 8 brushes. The first four will fill the Starter Set and are the core brushes.