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WAMP Charity Raffle Happening Now

It's always good to give to charity. And if you get some cool prizes back for it, bonus. Well, over on the WAMP forums, they're looking to raise money for Tommy's. As part of that, you can buy tickets and potentially win some awesome stuff? What kind of stuff? Well, they're going to be showing off new prizes daily from now until August 20th.

From the announcement:

Wamp is holding a raffle for charity to donate towards Tommy's as part of my attempt to raise funds for them (alongside my MTB challenge).

With over £1,000 worth of prizes already confirmed from various companies (and individuals) and more being added all the time its a great chance to win yourself some nice mini related goodies and the priceeds go towards saving Babies.

Everyday for the next 38 days there will be at least 1 prize (if not more) revealed.
You can find out more via the link.

you can also find each days reveal on our Facebook page.

All for a great cause so please dig deep and if you having anything mini related you would like to throw into the pot then please get in touch!