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Wamp Awards 2011 - Open For Nominations

Wamp Announces open for nominations for the 2011 Wamp Awards:

From their announcement:

I have great pleasure in announcing the second annual Wamp Awards, dedicated to excellence in miniature painting. This is your chance to nominate and vote for the miniatures, companies and artists that have demonstrated quality and commitment to the hobby.

The first stage will be nominations which are open to all. So if there's something or someone you think deserving then put them forward. Once nominations are in then a short-list for each category will be announced.

We are accepting nominations for the following categories:

Best Sculpt
Best Painted Miniature
Best Base (Non Commercial)
Best Company
Best Range
Best Product
Best Event
Best Publication

All categories are open to any genre, scale or product type as long as its related to miniature painting.