WAMP announces an Ironwind Metals painting contest

The WAMP forum is holding an Ironwind Metals painting contest.

From their announcement:

Ironwind Metals. They produce some great minis so if you haven’t tried them before I recommend you do.

All entries must feature Ironwind or Ral Partha miniatures only. The items must have been available to buy from Ironwind within the last 6 months ( it doesn’t matter when you bought yours as long as they were stocked in the last 6 months .You may use accessories and bases from other companies as long as the piece is inherently Ironwind

You may enter a single miniature,diorama full 300 piece battle scene – whatever you like as long as its Ironwind.

Ok folks first things first, the prizes

  • 1st place – $40 credit
  • 2nd place – $30 credit
  • 3rd place – $30 credit

The deadline for this contest is 6pm GMT 28th August 2010 (deadline for supporters is 31st August 2010)

Check out their forum post for full contest details and submission guidelines.