WAMP announce Pulp City painting contest

WAMP is holding a Pulp City painting contest. From their announcement:
Wamp's next contest is sponsored by Pulp City. Deadline is 28th October or 31st for supporters. You may enter as many times as you like and any Pulp City miniature. Prizes: 1st: Giant Hadron (as yet unreleased and stands 12cm tall) + Dr Tenebrous 2nd: Le Murtiple (3 miniatures) , Silverager + Dr Tenebrous 3rd: Skyline + Dr Tenebrous 4th Jade Hawk + Dr Tenebrous 5th Dr Tenebrous There will also be 5 more copies of Dr Tenebrous up for grabs. These will be awarded by myself to entries I think are deserving but may not necessarily be the best painted - its more about effort for these ones. Entrants that have already won a prize wont be eligible for this special award. In the event of there being less than 10 entrants an excess will be awarded randomly to voters. Full contest details can be found on Wamp