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Walking In Circles webseries Season 2 starts

Walking in Circles is a comedy webseries taking a humorous look at D&D games (much like The Gamers or Pretty In Geek). Their 2nd season is just starting up for your viewing pleasure.


From them to you:

The incredible medieval fantasy adventure series, Walking In Circles: An Epic Tale About Dragons N’ Stuff, launched its second season Wednesday, October 29th on YouTube. The intense second season consists of 8 pulse-pounding episodes of high-fantasy action and adventure. Starring Eric Radic, Adam Rady, Katie Wilson, Ben Burch, Jennifer Kairis, and Diana Restrepo, Walking In Circles is a unique blend of fast paced action, sharp wit, and riveting drama. As an incredible bonus for fans of the series and new viewers alike, Season 1 of Walking In Circles has been re-released in a special director’s cut with updated special effects and music.

Walking In Circles weaves the epic tale of Krag, a barbarian prince in search of himself as he sets out on a quest to avenge his father’s death by dragon. His companions include a wizard with a caustic tongue, a peace loving druid, a cold as ice assassin, and a virtuous though naïve squire.

If you just can’t get enough Walking In Circles, be sure to keep up to date with all the latest news on as the series transitions to the small screen on PrimeTV Network this fall. Download the PrimeTV App on your mobile devices or watch on your roku set-top box to see the full series anywhere, anytime.