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Walking in Circles comedy gaming web series posts Season 2 trailer

Walking in Circles has posted up a trailer for Season 2 of their show. They'll also be showing off the whole thing at GenCon in August.

From the announcement:

Walking In Circles is an epic, medieval fantasy web series that follows the exploits of Krag, The Barbarian Prince, who leads a party of not-so-heroic adventurers on a quest for fame and glory. It features the talents of Eric Radic (Grok, Crisis), Katie Wilson (2012: Ice Age), Adam Rady (1337LoungeLive), Ben Burch (A Brew Hope) amongst an outstanding cast of guest stars including Jolene Kay (Star Trek), Jennifer Kairis (Warrior Showdown), Diana Restrepo (Bondjamesbond), Azim Rizk (Power Rangers Megaforce) and Andrew Matthews (Vampire Bats, Bones). To catch a glimpse of what this epic web series is all about, check out the newly released teaser trailer here: WIC Season 2 Teaser

This season will feature intense action sequences choreographed by TJ Cencula (Warrior Showdown) and awe inspiring special effects that bring magic and mayhem to life. The first episode will be going live on August 27th, 2013 at but if you can't wait to check out the action there will be a world premier screening of the entire 8 episode arc at GenCon Indianapolis on Friday, August 16th at 10:00am. The event is free to anyone with a GenCon badge which can be obtained here,

Walking In Circles is independently produced by a bunch of guys and girls who love gaming and wanted to bring the magic of tabletop RPG's to the screen. We hope you'll check out our series and share it with others. To stay in the loop with more Walking In Circles related news, please Like us on facebook, follow us on twitter (@wictheseries), and subscribe to our youtube channel. Thank you so much for your time, and don't forget to check out Walking In Circles Season 2 dropping August 27t