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Wake Up, Cthulhu Board Game on Verkami

Wake Up, Cthulhu is a new board game that's over on Verkami and looking for some funding love. And it seems that they've found it, since there's 10 days left in the campaign and they're closing in on 4x funded. Players of this card-driven board game are playing as cultists trying to awaken everyone's favorite Great Old One. Will your spell be the one that finally brings Cthulhu back to the waking world? If so, you might just not get eaten right away. Fun!

From the campaign:

Wake up, Cthulhu! is a quite mischievous card-driven board game for 2-4 players based on Lovecraft's universe. In that universe, a group of cultists knows that their dread lord Cthulhu is awakening so they have to compete with each other to be his right hand and avoid being eaten with the rest of the humanity.

The game, winner of 1st contest Protojuegos of Verkami, was created by Miguel Bruque and illustrated by Evelt Yanait. During the last stages of the process, it has been benefitted from the advices of "Pak" Gallego (Myth Wars) to have a perfect balance and gameplay.

We need your support to awake Cthulhu!