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Waits in Graves launches Epic Death Kickstarter campaign

Waits in Graves has launched a Kickstarter in order to fund Epic Death, their new card game.
They've already made their funding level, so it's stretch goals from here on out.

From the campaign:

EPIC DEATH! The first game from Waits In Graves has been launched on Kickstarter.

In Epic Death! you command a party of Adventurers as they face encounters and quests in an amusing and savage fantasy realm. You may have to do battle with bears, wrestle with a gang of cantankerous crones, or perhaps even smite your hangover from the previous evening. No quest is too small!

Beware! Should you fail in your early quests, your hero will accrue Fail points which naturally count against how Epic you are. However, success will earn you Epic Loot, which you can attach to your Adventurers and build up their value.