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Vurt Tabletop RPG Up Now On Kickstarter

In the not-too-distant future, people will start ingesting Vurt feathers in order to travel to different planes of reality. But this isn't some Fear & Loathing-style drug-trip. The bats in this bat country are real. Now you, too, can escape the dingy streets of Manchester and go on your own crazy adventures. Vurt the Tabletop RPG is up on Kickstarter now.

Some of you may remember the Vurt books written by Jeff Noon. Well, the ideas and settings behind those books are coming to your tabletop using the Cypher System designed by Monte Cook Games. Cypher was chosen not just because, you know... cyperpunk-style stuff, but also due to the flexibility in how the system can go between the aforementioned cyberpunk and basically any other setting. And since that's sort of what Vurt is all about, it seemed like a natural pairing.

The campaign is getting really close to their goal already, and there's still 30 days left on the clock.