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Vul-Con Arena I video posted

The Vul-Con website has a video of the Vul-Con Arena I games and tables. From their announcement:
A quick look at Vul-Con Arena I held at Gamer's Inn in Mesa, AZ on April 2nd, 2011. Our thanks to everyone who turned out for the event and special thanks to the great folks at Gamer's Inn, Todd VanHooser and the Laughing Moon Girls, The Arizona Men in Black, Bob's Batallion, Javelina Flight, and The Table Top Gaming Society. We also greatly appreciate our event sponsors: Advanced Grafix, Fantasy Flight Games, R&D Games,,, Outrider Hobbies, and Bookmans. Keep an eye on the video for some glimpses at the World's Largest Chariot Racing Game, weighing in at 22' x 7.5'.