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Voyages Extraordinaires now available in PDF

Wessex Games have made their Voyages Extraordinaires rules available in PDF format. From their announcement:
Voyages Extraordinaires, our set of Victorian Adventure Gaming rules which allow you to fight desperate skirmishes in unexplored lands with soldiers, scientists and explorers discovering cannibal tribes, lost empires, dinosaurs and much more as they lead expeditions on Earth, Mars and Venus, is the latest to be PDF'd and uploaded at Wargame Vault. Rather than we tell you how good we think they are here is a review posted on Wargame Vault by Nathan Russell which sums up the game rather nicely: "What a great "rules light" wargame. This is about telling cool and entertaining stories, more than equally matched forces beating the daylights out of each other. Each figure is described by an archetype that defines how easily they hit an enemy, and how easy it is for enemy to hit them. There is an extensive list of characters, covering just about everything I could think of, from great white hunters to dastardly cads, native warriors, martian warlords and dinosaurs! While all characters have the same basic "stats" (archetype, movement and wounds), many also have special abilties that make them feel interesting and unique. This game really lends itself to being umpired or refereed. You could play without a referee, if all players are on the same page about creating an entertaining adventure game, rather than going for the throat to "just win". I really like this game and can see it getting a lot of use in my group ."