Vote for your favorite pose

Tor Gaming is showing off some concept art for a new Mercenary miniature they’re wanting to bring to Relics. But they can’t decide on a pose. So they want your help.


From the post:

I mentioned the other day that we are going to be doing some ‘Mercenary’ profiles… Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the first of this new line – the Banished Knight!

The idea being the Mercs is for them to be a range that can be used by any faction and that we also intend to use it as a range we can then produce Limited Edition sculpts for events and what not.

Each Merc profile that has a ltd ed sculpt will also have a ‘general release’ sculpt too, so fear not you will still be able to use the profile in your force if you want!

So, with that said, which of the two concepts would you want to have as the upcoming GamingFunder crowdfunder limited edition sculpt?

Speak now peoples, your voice makes the difference.

Drawn by the awesome Christian Schwager