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Vosteros RPG Up On Kickstarter

What if what we know as existence was just one of three that were originally created long ago? And what if the creator wasn't so happy with how the three were shaping up? And what if he set out to destroy them, but, in the end, decided to merge them instead? Well, we'd end up with something like Vosteros, a series of books from TNM Publishing. That series is being turned into an RPG, which is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Vosteros, sometimes called "The Trinity of Worlds," is a complex world full of different cultures and races. The book series produced by TNM Publishing, LLC called "The Collision of Worlds" details the origin of the world, but I'll give you a short version here.

Originally, Vosteros existed as three completely separate realms, all linked through a giant forest. There was Evertell, the Realm of Will; Askurii, the Realm of Fei, and ViViRum, the Realm of Mana. Each realm was designed to allow its denizens to master a specific essence of life.

Feeling his creation had failed him, the One God, Vosteros, set out to destroy all three of the realms but the opposition he faced while doing so resulted in a change of opinion. Instead of destroying what he'd created he merged ViVirum and Askurii with Evertell, creating one realm overflowing with all three of the core life essences (where there had previously only been trace amounts of the other essences in each of the realms).

The main storyline behind the tabletop we are producing takes place after that event and focuses on the conflict between all the races as their worlds, literally, collide.

The Kickstarter campaign is up and running now. It's set to go for another 24 days.