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Vortex: Core Rulebook available as a digital download

Unified Theory Games is now offering the Vortex: Core Rulebook as a digital download. From their announcement:
By popular demand, Unified Theory Games is proud to provide the Vortex: Core Rulebook as a digital download. For the discounted price of $17.50, the full Vortex: Core Rulebook may be purchased from and its sister sites. Vortex is a customizable miniature skirmish game that can be used with any miniature in any setting, using the miniatures and terrain you already own! The Vortex: Core Rulebook contains rules for building Combatants, over 270 Abilities, Liabilities, Weapon Features and Flaws, dozens of pre-constructed Combatants, an amazing array of Scenarios, and a complete easy-to-play Campaign System that allows your miniatures to gain experience and grow as characters. Vortex is also perfectly suitable for single games and tournament events. Players are free to write any sort of back-story for their Combatants and Companies. The story of Vortex is every story.