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Voodooworx Miniatures Releases Its First Miniature

Voodooworx busts onto the miniatures scene with their first ever mini. Hau'rax The Butcher infamous warlord of the Blackskull clan would make a fine hero for an Orc and Goblin army, or as the leader of a goblin clan that your PCs must take out. Perhaps he could be part of your Mordheim gang. With the detail, even if you just picked him up to paint, there would be plenty of interesting details to work with.


From the release:

Voodooworx Miniatures has released the first character in its new gaming miniature range - Hau'rax The Butcher, infamous warlord of the Blackskull clan.

The second character Ulfan'rax The Farseeing has been sculpted and should be ready for release in the new year.