Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten public preview available

Uncle Mike’s Worldwide have posted a public preview of their Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten Cthulhu campaign game rules.

From their website:

Those of you who’ve been following our activities of late will have heard whisperings of a new game, Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten.  Set in the same world and time as Strange Aeons, and utilizing the same fundamental game mechanics, Kulten will allow players to try their hand at building a nefarious cult, and vying with other evildoers for the favour of their dark gods.  We’re happy to report that the first draft of the game is complete (PDF link), and we’d like your help to test it.

In order to play, you’ll need to have a copy of the Strange Aeons core rulebook handy.  While Kulten will eventually be released as a standalone game, we’ve elected to keep the Lurker profiles out of the Beta edition.