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Von Rotte Line released for Flintloque

Alternative Armies have released new miniatures for their Flintloque fantasy game. Von Rotte Line Command From their announcement:
Alternative Armies has just released two new packs of Dwarves with associated unit code for Flintloque and Slaughterloo. Here is some information, enjoy. 52018 Von Rotte Line Command Three 28mm white metal Dwarves. Officer, Standard Bearer, Musician. Plastic Bases Supplied. £5.00 52019 Von Rotte Line Soldats Three 28mm white metal Dwarves. Troopers with muskets. Plastic Bases Supplied. 52514-U Von Rotte Line Twenty 28mm white metal Dwarves. Taken from packs 52018 and 52019. Plastic Bases Supplied. You can read more about these codes including background plus other images on the Alternative Armies website. Thanks for Reading. Gavin Syme