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Von Rotte Dwarf Division released at Alternative Armies

Alternative Armies gives you a whole mess of dwarves with their Von Rotte Dwarf Division release for Slaughterloo. The pack saves you 18% off compared to buying all the sets separately. Plus, with their current sales going on, you get Free Worldwide Shipping as well as a goodie bag worth 10% of your order. The set has almost 100 minis in it! Go check it out.

From the release:


Today is the day that hundreds of dedicated fans of Slaughterloo have been waiting for! Why? Well today marks the release of the fantastic DAP (Divisional Army Pack) for the brand new Von Rotte Legion. Some people might point out here that we have gone a bit mad too. If you order this DAP you will not only save 18% off purchase of the units in it separately but you will also get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and a GOODY BAG worth 10% of the order as well as part of our spring convention season offer. This is frankly superb value!

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