Voltron preview posted

Privateer Press have posted a detailed preview of the Monsterpocalypse based Voltron game that will be shipping in July.


From their website:

The evil Drule Empire threatens to enslave the entire galaxy. Against this evil stands the Galaxy Alliance, led by the legendary Voltron, Defender of the Universe! Now in the darkness of space, the fate of untold galaxies is about to be decided. Which side will you choose?

Take control of the mighty Voltron and the Galaxy Alliance or Lo-Tron of the fiendish Drule Empire as you wage battle across the unforgiving reaches of space. Launch searing energy blasts, smash your opponent into rogue asteriods, and form blazing sword as you unleash the awesome power of two of the universe’s mightiest beings to achieve total victory.

Voltron, Defender of the Universe Battle Miniatures Game features:

  • 1 Voltron figure
  • 5 Voltron Lion figures
  • 5 Voltron force Galaxy Garrison Cruiser figures
  • 1 Lo-Tron figure
  • 1 Lotor’s Command Ship figure
  • 4 Robeast figures
  • 5 Lo-Tron Skull Ship figures
  • 4 health tracking tokens
  • 4 dice tracking tokens
  • 24 dice
  • 1 double-sided game mat
  • 1 full color rulebook