Voltron game contents announced

Privateer Press have released details of the contents of the Monsterpocalypse based Voltron game.

From their announcement:

Privateer Press has just released the official content list for its Voltron: Defender of the Universe battle miniatures game (PIP 50030).

The game, which has an MSRP of $49.99, will contain 22 pre-painted plastic figures, including Voltron, 5 Voltron Lions, 5 Galaxy Garrison Cruisers, Lo-Tron, 1 Prince Lotor’s Command Ship, 4 Robeasts, and 5 Lo-Tron Force Skull Ships. The game will also include 1 double-sided play mat, 24 specialty dice, 4 status counters, and a full-color rulebook.

“When we set out to create the first-ever Voltron tabletop miniatures game, we wanted to make sure everything about it drew the player right into the Voltron universe and thrust them front and center in the battle for control of the galaxy,” said Privateer Press Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson. “This July, everyone who once dreamed of being part of the Voltron Force will finally have their chance to ‘form blazing sword’ and take control of the indomitable Defender of the Universe.”