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Volt releasing soon, Cipher Ops next from Nazca Games

Nazca Games will be releasing their first board game, Volt: Robot Battle Arena, at the start of next month. This is their first board game and are hitting the ground running, already announcing Cipher Ops, their next game.


From the announcements:

VOLT: Robot Battle Arena is a tactical game of robotic combat. With easy to learn rules and engaging gameplay, VOLT is a game for both families and avid gamers. You must use your wits to out-think and out-maneuver your opponents to win!

Be the first player to score five victory points. Players earn victory points by having their robot on the active control point at the end of the round or by destroying opposing robots.

Announcing Nazca Games' upcoming release: Cipher OPS. A game of stealth and cunning for 2 players. One player will take the role of the spy, a covert operative on a mission to infiltrate a remote military installation. The other player will take on the role of the spy hunters, highly trained counter-espionage task force who much hunt down the spy and stop him. Estimated release: Q3 2014