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Volomir's Blog talks about the Highest Ranked Mini of all time on CMON

Volomir's Blog has a post up talking about the highest ranked mini of all time on the CMON website and the heartwarming story therein.


From the post:

Very emotional stories around miniature painting lately. A few days ago I told you about the engagement minis story, a beautiful one with a very happy ending. This story is also beautiful and very emotional, but with a very sad ending I'm afraid. :(

Yesterday, I ran into this post in Bell of Lost Souls. As you all know, this blog is one of the most important sites for wargaming news all around the world. They published an interview to Victor Hardy, a miniature painting legend. Old schoolers will remember him for sure. Newbies not so much, but if you log into CoolMiniOrNot, you will find that Victor is the painter of a very well known classic piece, Golgotha, the highest ranked miniature in the site of all time, which was witness to the story I want to tell you about.