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Void 1.1 Nexus Group and New Releases From Scotia Grendel

Void has gotten some new releases from Scotia Grendel. They also have a new Nexus group over on Facebook that they're recruiting to. Want to get a special coupon for 10% off your Void order? Just join the group. They're also having special give-aways happening over there. You'll probably want to check it out.

From the announcement:

To help and support Void 1.1 Nexus group we prepared a special 10% discount code for all Void miniatures that can be use in our web-store. All you need to do to receive code is just join Void 1.1 Nexus group.

As a new month appears, it's time to announce who is the lucky winner of our lottery... and, of course, show of new releases.

Let's move on.

Urban War
For Urban War we have prepared six packs:

13138 - Marine Sergeant
13328 - Artemis Class Biomech Veteran
13401 - Triad Retainers
13404 - Triad retainers w/naginata
13405 - Triad Boss Veteran
13510 - Phazon Higher Caste

Lottery time!
And the winner is.... Mark, congratulations! Mark will receive a FREE Converted Militia Riot Girl model (Work by Elton Waters). We will contact with you by email.

We will draw one of our subscribers who will win a FREE Converted Halfling model (Work by Elton Waters). This beautiful miniature can be yours - all you need to do is subscribe to our newsletter (if you haven't done this already) and wait until 28 February.

That's all for this month, more nice stuff coming soon!