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Vixtrix Party Election Deal Happening Now

Victrix hopes all you Brits are getting out there and voting today. Go out there and let your voice be heard! They're also running a special deal on their website until the 10th, because of the election. Their multi-box deals are getting a bit of a boost. The 13% for 3 boxes is now 15%. The 17% for 4 boxes is now 20%. And the 22% for 5 boxes is now 25%. That can really add up over the course of a couple boxes.
There's also a special contest going on if you can guess what seats the various political parties will get. Go check it all out.

From the announcement:

We love a themed deal here at Victrix! And with the fate of the UK being decided for the next 5 years today (Or at least until Christmas when we have another election!) we have upped the discount percentages on our cumulative online deals.

If you bought 3 boxes you normally got 13% discount, Now you get 15%

If you bought 4 boxes you normally got 17% discount, Now you get 20%

If you bought 5 boxes or more you normally got 22% discount, Now you get 25%

This applies to our boxed sets and our Resin 54mm products and is running from today 7th May until midnight on 10th May.