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Vitality Handmade Design adds extra-large bags to Custom Chainmail Dice Bags Kickstarter

Vitality Handmade Design added new extra-large dice bags to their Custom Chainmail Dice Bags Kickstarter as well as showing off some new color choice patterns.


From the update:

I was honestly not expecting to get anywhere near the $2,000 Stretch goal this fast. As I stated in the main page of the Kickstarter, the two bags you see are the only ones i have made and they are my personal bags. I have been Chainmailing a long time and working out the numbers of making a larger one isn't a big deal for me, but unfortunately there will be no pic's as of right now. We will be ordering some materials to get a head start on making the "Early Birds" and making the demo "Extra Large Bag".

So until then, the information about the Extra Large Dicebag is: 8" High and a 13" diameter round. By my assumption right now, it should hold 14-15 sets of dice comfortably. This is not a set number, it's an approximation and will be set in stone when I make it.

The delivery date is set for June / July, you may see these sooner then that but i'm just being very realistic with you all. This is a lot of work, and i won't even attempt to downplay it.