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Visceral Impact Studios announces Warfare in the Age of Madness minis game

Visceral Impact Studios has announced Warfare in the Age of Madness, their new company-level miniatures wargame.

Warfare in the Age of Madness


From the announcement:

Visceral Impact Studios today announced their first release, "Warfare in the Age of Madness". Set in a dark near future, the tabletop miniatures game is designed for use with 15mm figures. Each player leads his unique company-sized force in a fight to secure supply caches, gear dropped by casualties, and even the enemy field camp. Battlefield hazards include booby traps, marauders, and hordes of the "Infected" roaming the land. Sound real-world tactics such as overwatch, fire-and-maneuver, and shoot-n-scoot are well rewarded making the game equally useful when recreating past and current conflicts.

Armies usually consist of 9-12 elements with each element being a stand of 2-5 infantry figures or 1 vehicle model. The number of figures on a base and the size/shape of a base don't matter allowing you to use your existing armies without the need to re-base.

Instead of using pre-set "factions" armies are completely customizable and can represent a force themed on your hometown, your alma mater, or even your former army unit. There are no "blue-on-blue" battles because global civilization has collapsed and every opposing force is an enemy. Gear includes small arms such as assault rifles, MGs, and LAWs, as well as mortars and soft and armored fighting vehicles. The vehicle design rules allow to recreate real-world vehicles or to develop your own using sci-fi models or even mechs!

The game is designed for play on typical dining room and kitchen tables and uses only 6-sided dice. All measurements are in "bounds" with 1 bound being 4" or 10cm making the game fully compatible with both metric and imperial measurement systems.