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Virtual Table Top Up On Kickstarter

Virtual Table Top is a... well... it's a virtual table top to enhance your RPG sessions. The software is designed to give DMs a quick and easy way to show off the environments they have created for their game sessions. No more giant maps and wet-erase markers, where minis can accidentally get knocked around (especially during giant cat attacks). Instead, Virtual Table Top creates that map on your tablet or phone and can easily be shared with all your gamers. Know just where your characters are and where the enemies lurk.
The campaign is 3/4 of their way to being funded with still 27 days left on the clock.

From the campaign:

What is Virtual Table Top?

In short, Virtual Table Top is a networked, interactive simulation of your game master's kitchen table (minus the stock pot full of mac-n-cheese). It is a program designed to help your game master communicate visual information about your game's environment quickly and effortlessly.

Traditionally, these kind of projects involve two-dimensional characters on a two-dimensional map. This kind of interaction severely limits the type of information a GM can show to his players. Virtual Table Top, on the other hand, helps your GM create a fully immersive, three-dimensional environment complete with lighting and sound.

Most importantly, what sets Virtual Table Top apart from games like it in the past is the ability to quickly create your maps on the fly. Virutal Table Top is a powerful suite of creative tools that lets you quickly and painlessly create sprawling, multi-layered maps.