Vintage Ares Magazine Giveaway

Ares Magazine is giving away a vintage issue of their magazine that’s been signed by sci-fi writing legend, Timothy Zahn. Put your name in the hat to get this awesome prize.


From the contest:

One Small Step Games announced a contest to give away a free copy of SPI’s vintage Ares Magazine signed by bestselling science-fiction author Timothy Zahn, who wrote a short story featured in the 1983 issue.

The contest coincides with the premiere of the first issue of OSS Games’ Ares Magazine, which shares the same name as the vintage 1980s publication but proclaims a new vision—one updated and streamlined for today’s reader and tabletop gamer. The first issue of the science fiction magazine with a standalone tabletop board game in each issue comes out next month.

“Many of those who have shown support for our venture have fond memories of the SPI magazine,” says OSS Games owner and Editor-in-Chief Michael Anderson. “This contest is a way of both honoring the past as well as celebrating our vision for the future.”

The contest features issue #13 of the vintage science fiction and gaming magazine that was published in the early 1980s by SPI, a popular game publisher at the time. Zahn’s short story, “Damocles Mission,” appears in that issue.

The six-week contest runs through May 31, culminating in a drawing for the autographed copy on June 1. People can increase their chance of winning through options like posting about the contest on social media and referring others to the contest. Subscribers to Ares Magazine, which launched after its successful Kickstarter in January, get an additional chance to win.

While Anderson appreciates the nostalgia for the vintage magazine, he is looking forward to getting his own magazine into the hands of subscribers. The first issue features nine original science fiction and fantasy stories, an interview with game designer and author Bruce Cordell, and an article on singularity written by best-selling science fiction author William H. Keith (who also writes under the pseudonyms Ian Douglas and H.J. Ryker).

The issue also includes Bill Banks’ War of the Worlds, a two-player game of conquest and survival that pits the military forces of Queen Victoria against Martian forces under the command of the evil Martian overlord. The game also includes a rule book, die-cut playing pieces, and a large map.

“All of that wrapped up and delivered to subscribers next month,” says Anderson.

Contest information, rules and the online entry form are on the website of Ares Magazine