Vindicant Game Systems goes into an Epic Rage

Vindicant Game Systems launched a Kickstarter campaign for their new, flaghsip game, Epic Rage, their new fantasy RPG system.

Epic Rage


From the campaign:

At its heart, the system revolves around 5 Stats and 5 Skills which are combined in pairs to perform any action within the game. For the past year, three different play testing groups have attempted to “break” the system by suggesting an action a character in a medieval fantasy setting might conceivably wish to perform that the rules did not allow for. Thus far, the system remains intact.

Characters are built on a point buy system that has been streamlined to allow simple, rapid character customization. With a few checks in the desired boxes, you can bring any medieval fantasy archetype to life and, who knows, perhaps even invent a few (or a few hundred) new ones!